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In our Pousada and our beach restaurant we hear often from national and international turists complaints about taxi drivers, bus drivers and unofficial turist guids whose gave wrong or uncomplete informations about Hotels, Pousadas, Restaurants and sight seeing points on the island.
It is possible that these people are not well trained on turistic area or they will receive a commission from certain locals to get some customers.


Therefore it can happen that the turist will end up in a local which do not correspondend with the desired quality or price range.
Our recommendation: If you want to visit the island the first time ask for informations about the desired destination. These informations you can get in a travel agency, a turist information point or better by phone from the desired local you want to visit on the island.

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Salvador/ Bahia

Transfer costs:
- Transfer by taxi from airport in Salvador to Pousada Jardim Tropical
- Other possibilities of transfer you can combine with the Pousada
R$ 140,00 (incl. Ferry Boat)
- Ferry Boat (car ferry) from São Joaquim to Bom Despachos R$ 2,80 / R$ 3,50 (1 pers)*
- Catamaran from São Joaquim to Bom Despachos R$ 5,00 / R$ 6,00 (1 pers)*
- People ferry boat (Lancha) from Mercado Modelo to Mar Grande R$ 2,50 / R$ 3,00 (1 pers)*
- Taxi from Bom Despachos or Mar Grande to Pousada Jardim Tropical R$ 13,00 +/-
- Combi (VW Bus) from Bom Despachos to Pousada Jardim Tropical R$ 2,00 (1pers)
- Obs.: Confirm the fares before start travelling
* Prices weekday/sunday
and holyday


The official currency is Real.

Actual change rates


Average temperatur 24,5oC.
Raining time (varying sun / rain) from Abril
to august.
The main turist seaison is from december
until carnival.
The second turist season is from july to august.

The weather in Bahia - today and later


The main festival of Itaparica town takes place at
7 bis 9 january (Independence day).

More about

see our page Tourism in Itaparica



- Turismus
- Agriculture (Mango, Mandiok, Dendê oil,
..Cajú and Coco nut
- cattle breeding (Cows, pigs, goats and ..sheeps)
- Fishing

News and topicals from Itaparica

  • Itaparica town has a very nice marina and a central market square since march 2001.

  • The acces roads from Bom Despachos to Itaparica and to Ponta de Areia beach are renewed and in best condition.

  • After the election of a new mayor the population of Itaparica hopes for a faster economical and turistical progress in 2005

  • TAP starts with flight from Lisboa to

    International meeting points:

  • Restaurant COPACABANA
    at Ponta de Areia beach

  • Restaurant PORTAL das AQUAS
    in the marina of Itaparica town
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