Island Itaparica* and the Pousada

The island of Itaparica is divided in two municipalities (Itaparica with the capital Itaparica and Vera Cruz with
the capital Mar Grande).
In All saints bay the island is located 17 km (seaway)
infront of Salvador.
The passage from terminal São Joachim in Salvador
to Terminal Bom Despachos on the island of Itaparica
takes 1 hour by car ferry and 20 min. by Catamaran.

The little ferry boat takes 45 min.for the passage from
the terminal infront of Mercado Modelo in Salvador to
Mar Grande.
The highway BA-001 give acces to the island up from
the south over a bridge. From the terminals it is easy
to reach the Pousada over the main road to Itaparica

The Pousada is situated in a ecological area of
7000 m2 in the north of the island.
The area is covered with lawn, a great variety of
fruit trees, palm trees and plants. Here the visiter
feels to be in a realy tropical garden.

* Indian name = stonewall

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Area of the island: 239 km2
Population: 19 000 (aprox.)

Distance from Pousada to
Itaparica outskirts
Marina in town
Beach "Ponta de Areia"
Terminal "Bom Despachos"

Mar Grande
Banco do Brasil in Mar Grande

Banco Bradesco in B. Despachos

300 m
900 m
800 m
300 m
500 m
01 km
12 km
12 km